I'm your new best friend.

I am a human that uses technology to help businesses grow.

Hi, I'm Butch!

I run a custom web development shop called Bruce & Eddy. We recently launched a product for basic websites called BEGO and an email marketing system called Snd.Us.

Butch Ewing brings over two decades of expertise in technology and web development, specializing in the innovative Deathcare industry. As the founder of five thriving enterprises, including Bruce & Eddy LLC, Butch now serves as the Senior Web Consultant, spearheading groundbreaking initiatives in the field.

His latest endeavors showcase his commitment to revolutionizing the Deathcare industry. Butch has successfully developed a cutting-edge Case Management System, streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency for professionals in the field. Additionally, he is at the forefront of pioneering an AI Call Answering System, leveraging artificial intelligence to provide exceptional service and support in the Deathcare sector.

With a unique blend of technical prowess and a deep understanding of user conversion strategies, Butch continues to make a profound impact on the Deathcare industry, redefining how technology can enhance and transform end-of-life services.